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Baudelaire, Migration and Cultural Modernisms

Edited by Andrea Mirabile and Daniel Ridge, this issue emerges from the second and third conferences on Cultural Modernisms, held at the W.T. Bandy Center, Vanderbilt University. These articles discuss aspects of the migration and reception of modernisms, in Europe and Latin America. Commentaries on the migrant crises in Europe and the Americas, by Robert Barsky and Julius Grey, speak to current issues in border crossings.

Table of Contents


Preface to “Cultural Modernism in the Americas III: The French and Italian Avant-Garde” Mirabile MirabileHTML
Andrea Mirabile
Preface to Cultural Modernism II: Latin America, April 3-4, 2014 Ridge.PDF Ridge.HTML
Daniel Carl Ridge


Blurring Borders: the self, the wanderer and the observer in Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Baudelaire and Machado de Assis HTML Philippov
Renata Philippov
Les traductions de Baudelaire en Amérique Latine : rhétoriques et moules d’écriture Gentile Gentile.html
Ana María Gentile
'Are you Afraid of the Cinema?': Du Cinéma and the Changing Question of Cinephilia and the Avant-Garde (1928-1930) wild.PDF Wild.HTML
Jennifer J. Wild
Wake and Mourning: Apollinaire and Ungaretti Livorni Livorni.HTML
Ernesto Livorni
A Futurist Art of the Past: Anton Giulio Bragaglia’s Photodynamism Luisetti Luisetti.HTML
Federico Luisetti


"Larimar" and "The Impossible Chase" Warren.PDF
John Warren
End, End, End and For Issa rattnerPDF
Jonathan Rattner


Commentary and Q&A on the Current Migrant Crises Barsky.PDF barsky.HTML
Robert F. Barsky
The Current Refugee Crisis Grey.PDF grey.HTML
Julius Grey

Book Reviews

Ana María Ochoa Gautier, Aurality: Listening & Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century Colombia. Durham: Duke UP. Ledford
Julian A Ledford
Deborah A. Thomas. Exceptional Violence: Embodied Citizenship in Transnational Jamaica. Durham: Duke UP Ledford 2
Julian A Ledford
Anthony Mora, Border Dilemmas: Racial and National Uncertainties in New Mexico, 1848-1912. Durham: Duke UP. Belmonte
Laura E. Belmonte
Patrick Imbert, Comparer le Canada et les Amériques. Des racines aux réseaux transculturels", Québec, PU Laval, 2014. Balint
Adina Balint
Nestor García Canclini, Imagined Globalization. Durham: Duke UP. Garcia
Dustin Ray Welch García

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