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Cultural Modernism in the Americas 1: Québec

Edited by Robert F. Barsky, Michel Pierssens and Daniel Ridge, this issue addresses the emergence of modernism and modernity in Québec, and the ways this process has been influenced by French modernism. The articles presented here grew out of a conference on the effects of French modernism upon the work of Québécois artists and writers, presented in collaboration with Vanderbilt University's W.T. Bandy Center in 2013. The next conference, Cultural Modernism in the Americas 2, is scheduled for April of 2014, and will focus upon Latin America. The proceedings will be published in AmeriQuests in 2015.

Table of Contents


Introduction: From Baudelaire, Flaubert and Zola to the Trial of Remy Couture. Québec in the Modern World. PDF
Robert F. Barsky


L'"américanisme" de Baudelaire chez les poètes québécois du tournant du XXe siècle PDF
Nelson Charest
Héritages de Mallarmé. Paul Morin et René Chopin PDF
Antoine Boisclair
Saint-Denys Garneau, Anne Hébert et Jacques Brault : trois poètes lecteurs de Baudelaire PDF
Nathalie Watteyne
Moderne par tradition : Émile Nelligan et la question des synesthésies (Baudelaire, Ghil, Nelligan, Benveniste, Deleuze et retour) PDF
Benoit Houze
Paul Bourget and La Nouvelle-France PDF
Daniel Carl Ridge
Les Fleurs du Mal ou le « fantastique moderne » PDF
Cynthia Harvey
Re/Deconstructing the Rimbaud Myth: Kerouac and Mallarmé PDF
Damian Paul Catani


Interview with Robert Barsky HTML
Robert F. Barsky
Interview with Nathalie Watteyne HTML
Nathalie Watteyne
Interview with Daniel Ridge HTML
Daniel Carl Ridge
Interview with Cynthia Harvey HTML
Cynthia Harvey
Interview with Nelson Charest HTML
Nelson Charest
Interview with Michel Pierssens HTML
Michel Pierssens

Book Reviews

Ariane Chebel d’Appollonia’s Frontiers of Fear: Immigration and Insecurity in the United States and Europe PDF HTML
Laura Marie Sellers
Damian Catani, 'Evil: A History in Modern French Literature and Thought' PDF
Liana Pshevorska

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